Living a Life of Luxury

I’ve been in Thailand for about 2 and a half weeks now and I just encountered my first squat toilet. I kind of just stared at it for a minute until it registered to me that there was no other option. As I try to figure out the correct position, I look up and there’s two spiders staring right at me. I mean they were just daddy long legs, but a spider is a spider when it’s an inch from your face. Surprisingly, I was able to make it work, after about 10 minutes of freaking out and telling myself I could hold my pee. Then I realized there was no flusher either, just a small kitchen pot and a faucet. So I poured some water in the toilet and ran out before I could even check if I had done it correctly. I think I’ll probably have to ask for some pointers before my next encounter, but I’m hoping that was one of very few that I’ll have to experience.

My worst nightmare

My worst nightmare

On the bright side, I got a knock on my door last night and my neighbor, the other farang in the building, called me over to her room. She’s an older lady from Switzerland and she’s teaching English for charity at one of the larger schools in town. When I walked into her room I was surprised to see about 5 other white faces staring back at me. It turns out they were all German and here teaching for charity also. Being able to talk to them for a while about all the tough parts of living here and attempting to teach Thai students was definitely something I needed. Even though I was still technically a foreigner to them and I couldn’t understand anything when they would start speaking German, it was still nice to hear a different language for once! They started telling me about their living conditions and how they all live in a tiny house with no no doors and paper thin walls, and their legs looked like they had full on been attacked by some sort of insect. So I think it’s pretty safe to say my living conditions are above average.

You'd never even guess I was in Thailand

You’d never even guess I was in Thailand

Oh yeah, except the entire bathroom is the shower

Oh yeah, except the entire bathroom is the shower

There's even a nice little patio and a sink for your laundry

There’s even a nice little patio and a sink to do laundry in


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