Friends, Dogs, and FOOD

So I’ll admit, my last post was a little bit of a pity party. I had a rough weekend though. But bad times don’t last forever! I met some new friends last night and I feel like things are going to improve a lot from here on out. I went to dinner with the American guy from my building, and 4 other girls who also teach at his school. I think most of them are from England? I asked a lot of questions, but I think I was just overly excited to have found friends (who even live just around the corner from me) that I don’t even remember most of the things they told me. They have been living here for almost a year and they love it. They said they would take me out and introduce me to the city, so I’m very excited for that! And now that I’m over my pity party there’s a couple of things I realized I haven’t mentioned about Thailand:

The dogs

The dogs are an issue here. I have never seen so many stray dogs in my life. And I am a dog LOVER, I’d rather hangout with a bunch of dogs than people. So normally dogs everywhere wouldn’t bother me at all. In this case though, more than half of the dogs are skin and bones, missing chunks of hair, and having babies left and right. Apparently it is against the beliefs of Buddhism to spay and neuter dogs, or to euthanize them. I understand that every religion has their beliefs and that’s a line of respect that one shouldn’t cross, but I can’t help but think that these beliefs are doing more harm than good to all of these living, breathing animals. I don’t really see the positive side of it. There are, however, some organizations that have started to address the issue of both stray dogs and cats in Thailand. Rescue Paws is a non-profit organization that helps the strays on the streets of Hua Hin. They provide them with food, basic medical care and all the love and attention they need. There are also many other organizations that have been started, some of them just do what they can to help the animals, but some also provide them with sterilization even though it is still frowned upon by the majority of Thai people. I think all of these organizations are doing amazing work and I hope they will continue to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

The school pup.

The school pup.

The stray dog that guards my apartment

The stray dog that guards my apartment

Missing chunks of hair and was very scared of me :(

Missing chunks of hair and was very scared of me 😦

one of the school strays

one of the school strays

another school stray

another school stray

Oh , but the one dog that I do see everywhere–and you will NEVER find this type of dog just roaming the streets. These dogs are always someone’s pet and very well taken care of.

The Pomeranian.

So fluffy.

So fluffy.


His mom owns a barber shop-if you couldn’t tell

They wouldn't let me pet them :(

They wouldn’t let me pet them 😦

superstar pom.

superstar pom.


Coming to Thailand, all I really knew was that they were famous for their food. Almost every Thai dish contains 5 basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy. Well my meals usually contain one less than that because one of the first phrases I made sure to learn was “mai phet” or “not spicy”. I can’t even handle Hot Cheetos back home so let’s be real, there’s no way I would survive a spicy Thai dish. I loved Thai food back home too, especially the Tom Ka Gai, or chicken coconut soup. They have it here and it’s delicious, but (don’t kill me for saying this), I like it better from the place back home. I think I’m probably an exception to the rule in the case of Thai food. I wish I was more like Anthony Bourdain-who is my hero by the way. He tries everything, and boy is he living the life. I’d like to consider myself on the adventurous side of the food spectrum, but I’m no where near that adventurous. I’d prefer to stay away from the chili peppers and the mystery meat. So I usually order chicken with cashew nuts, Tom Ka Gai, fried pork and rice, pad thai, or when all else fails, my go to meal is a good plate of fried rice with chicken. That’s one thing I can confidently say is much better than back home. There’s no comparison when it comes to the fried rice. And I’m usually so excited to eat that I forget to take pictures, so I’ll update the post with more pictures later. But for now:

chicken with cashew nuts

chicken with cashew nuts


fried rice


Pad thai

Although it’s very cheap and convenient, I try not to eat out ALL THE TIME. I buy bread and make PB&J sandwiches for lunch or dinner a lot of the time. Peanut butter and Nutella are basically what I survive on. Oh, and these delicious little pineapple cookies.

the delicious little pineapple cookies

pineapple cookies

I think being anywhere on your own though, cooking becomes very important. I love to cook and no one wants to go out to eat by themselves every day. If I could cook while I’m here, it would take my mind of things, it’s like therapy and the best  part is enjoying the meal you took the time to create. That’s not really an option here though, I have a fridge and a hot pot, so yeah not much happening there. But i guess you win some, you lose some right? Even though I can’t cook for myself, going out to eat alone isn’t terrible, I’ve already gotten used to it, and with my new friends, hopefully I won’t have to do that as much!


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