Thai Memories 💛

(I wrote this 2 nights ago on my way to the airport) I can’t believe it’s already over. I had no idea what to expect coming here to Thailand, what the experience would be like, how long I would stay, what amazing people I would meet. Now it feels like I’ve blinked and almost 5 months later it’s like it was all a dream. In these past 5 months Thailand has really become home. It’s what is familiar to me now, and as I sit here waiting to head to the airport I’m only beginning to realize how much I’ll miss it. The street food, fresh fruit everywhere you turn, 7/11 on every corner, stocked with anything you could ever need. Insane Thai drivers who always seem to be in a hurry on the road even though nothing every happens on time here. I don’t even notice the run down buildings, the stray dogs, or the workers watching TV at a table on the side of the street, sitting on small plastics stools while they wait for customers. This culture is so beautiful and different than anything I’ve ever experienced, even though I don’t think they understand why they do things the way they do half the time. I’ll miss the monks casually walking down the street and the people who are always ready to offer them rice and flowers. I feel like I took my last week here for granted. I let the stress of not knowing my next step in life get the best of me. (Advice for anyone wanting to be an Au pair: NEVER send a family money for any reason, I almost got scammed out of $800. You live and you learn though!) Anyways, I didn’t take the time to appreciate the last moments I would have in this country, and I had no idea I’d be leaving so soon. I’m beyond ready to experience a new culture, new food, new people, but the thing I’m scared of more than anything is letting these memories slip away. I don’t want to forget these experiences and the person that I am in this moment, because I’ll never be this person again. But every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, right? So tonight I’m off to Spain! I’ll be Au pairing for two little girls there and even though I’m beyond nervous, half wishing my plane was head for home instead, there’s so many exciting new experiences waiting in Spain and I’m excited to build new bonds, experience a new culture, and make new memories. Wish me luck!


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